Powerful & organic music production 

Hi I'm Sam, a music producer / composer and recording artist - working from my private production/ mix suite in the heart of the East Midlands, UK.

If you're a songwriter, fellow producer or band with unfinished ideas / tracks - I want to work with you! Let's take your music to the next level, and give it the attention it deserves.



Looking for an experienced song writer to collaborate with & take your songs to the next level? I can help.


Written a song or two?? .. Ready to turn them into radio ready release's? Let's talk.


Professional quality vocal tracking. Delivery tailored to your needs - to bring your project to life!


Let's take those tracks over the finish line. I'll work closely with producers & artists to bring out the full potential of your music!

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Based in Leicestershire, UK, Sam is a writer/producer/recording artist.

Over the last decade Sam has written, produced and collaborated with various artists from all over the world. Lending his unique talents both an experienced song writer and session vocalist, to a host of projects in a wide array of genres.

"The main focus is to create truly unique and captivating music, no matter the brief or intended purpose. Whether it’s working on production and mixing projects for other artists and tv/film, or simply co-writing with like-minded creatives, working together to bring their ideas to fruition, the end goal is always the same."



I'd love to hear your music. Fill me in on your project and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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