Welcome to my site, and thanks for visiting. If you're new, please feel free to have a look around and get familiar with the layout, hopefully it's easy to navigate - I've tried to keep it as simple and informative as possible.

I just wanted to write a bit about myself, my background and my intentions for a future in music. I hope you enjoy.

So why am I writing this?

In 2019, I went into the recording studio for the first time and set to work on a bunch of tracks for a debut EP. Despite several set backs due to the crushing year that followed, I released 4 songs under the title 'Rolling stone' in November 2020. This was, and still is, a huge deal for me as a musician - and I'm still getting to grips with the overwhelming response it's received so far! I've been playing guitar since I was 11 years old, and gigging up and down the UK from the age of around 16/17. In that time I've collaborated with other artists, played in bands, and written songs for producers and writers... but Until this EP I had never released any of my own music. Why?

I quite simply just never believed that I could be anything more than what I was, and I hold my musical idols in such high regard, that I never dared to imagine myself in the same space as any of them. Even though I have always surrounded myself with talented, inspiring people, I just never thought I'd fit in, or would ever be 'good'. But life's strange, and through a lot different experiences and lessons learned, It whispered some truths that I really needed to hear. So, I came to the conclusion that fate is in my own hands, and everyone has to start somewhere. With the right dedication, sacrifice and mindset, I could be whatever I want to be. I can get better, I can do more, I can be more than what I am - If, and only if, I make it happen for myself. That's the key, making it happen for yourself. Now, I don't think I'm a lazy person, but I do think I've been guilty of letting fear of embarrassment, fear of feeling ashamed and fear of being an unworthy musician get in the way of me actually trying. I guess I was hoping something would just happen one day, maybe I was too whimsical and had my head in the clouds thinking I'd do one gig, get noticed and it would be an easy ride from there on out, but that was naive. I was a shy kid growing up, and putting myself out there in front of people scared me - so I always felt like it would be easier and I'd risk less failure if I didn't try, than I would if I put in the work to build myself up and consciously get after what I want in life.

So eventually I made a change, and after the longest time in the dark I finally started believing in myself. I wrote a bunch of new songs, found an incredible producer and got to work. I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. The EP turned out incredible, thanks to the advice, guidance and talent of Ollie Needham @ Six00four Studio's. Also special mentions to Ross New for laying down bass and helping so much with backing vocal arrangement, and Jack Moralee @ JCM Photography, for helping to create an image / brand that would carry me and this project forward at such a high level.

The response post-release was incredible, and still going strong 2 months in. The tracks have been played thousands of times and aired over several different national radio stations, in the UK and US. Reviews for the EP have been outstanding and so encouraging to me as an artist. Friends, family and the general public have welcomed my music with open arms and accepted, celebrated and enjoyed it for exactly what it is, and I couldn't ask for more. It's exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to keep pursuing my dream. So thank you everyone that has already listened, downloaded or bought physical copies. If you haven't yet - you can find it here: Rolling Stone EP

So what's next?

Big question. I'll try to keep this short.

I broke the new year @ 00.00am making music, starting 2021 as I mean to continue. Currently, I'm making as many demo's as possible, writing new music and creating in every spare moment I get - with the intention of getting back into the studio and recording new music as quickly as we can. The next project will be a step up, I feel like I'm writing better songs than ever before, I have a better sense of direction, I know my sound better, and critically; I believe in myself more - because of people like you, taking the time to support me in any way possible.

Alongside the music, I really want to engage more with my audience this year, start regular updates through video's, a tailored mailing list, regular blog posts like this, and connect more with people that follow me and support my journey. I want everybody that's interested in my music to be able read direct updates, see regular insights into my process and work, have a laugh, and most importantly - be aware when new content is on the way!

Ultimately, I want to give something back to everyone that follows me. Whether thats through sharing my stories with you, revelling in success' and/ or discussing the downfall's that I happen across on the way. I want to play more music for you, showcase some unheard songs from my archive and really let you know more about me as an artist. Hopefully, we can start a two way conversation and build a likeminded community of music lovers, that all come together to share their passion for songwriting and musicianship.

I have a lot more to give, and I hope you're all around for the journey. If you want to show support and be among the first to see updates then please head over to my contact page and subscribe to my mailing list - It means the world!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope it gives you a bit of insight into my life and career as an artist. Hopefully I'll see you in the next one.

Much love,


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