Song Writing

The first step. Where something comes from nothing, and that blank page before you transforms, one word at a time, into your next big release.

Over the last 5 years, I have worked with song writers / composers, producers and labels from around the globe - On a wide mixture of genres and briefs. Continuously striving to create unique and authentic music.


So whether you want to collaborate on your own artist driven project, you're  producing for others, or you're working on commercial briefs - I can help to create, refine and bring your songs to life.

Fee's vary

Record Production

I can help Independent artists and bands turn their songs into radio-ready records.

Single, EP or album, no matter the scale or genre; I’d love to discuss your vision and get to know your project. The best results always come from great communication, mutual trust and a love for the process of making music.

With a joint passion & understanding, an open-minded approach from everyone involved will guide any record to the best possible conclusion.

Already got idea’s you want to turn into radio-ready tracks?! let's talk!

Fee's vary


Session Vocal's

As a professional vocalist, I have worked with a huge range of artists / writers / producers in professional situations, lending my voice to a multitude of tracks and projects. 


I have a large range (G2-G4 typical baritone), with a raw and powerful tone, equally soft and dynamic dependant on the needs of any track!


I can sing a variety of genres ranging from COUNTRY and ROCK, to EDM, Pop, RnB and SOUL, so if you are in need of high quality vocals recording in a professionally treated space please get in touch!

Fee's vary


I will bring out the best in your track in the mixing process. Working closely to ensure emotion, musicality and texture's are presented in the most creative and dynamic way possible.


Mixing is one of the final steps in the creative process and should have the most attention, giving your track whatever it needs to make it work, and showcasing the one-off writing and composition that makes your music sound like you!


I’d love to work together and give your music the love and attention it deserves, and deliver a professional quality mix.

From £75.00 per track


Additional Services

  • Tracking Sessions

  • Guitar / Drum / Vocal Editing

  • Vocal pitch correction

  • Remote recording 

       Get in touch to discuss your requirements!